Almost scammed by Global Electrolysis Supply

A reader wrote in April 2004:
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This is MIke I think your doing a good thing regurding fraudilent sites.Although I support your

efforts ,I could not donate any money at this time(Im Broke in other words).However, I do have a tip for you

regurding a site called Global Electrolysis Supply.Before I make any purchase, I always do my research.

This time it really paid off.I was going to buy a $4000.00 dollar laser from this," company". However, I noticed that

although they claim to give the company’s address on the site(if you fill out thier form with your personal info, e-mail, home, etc.),

they do not, at all.That was the first warning sign.So I called thier customer service department( strongly believe it is just someones home)in

ohio(they dont tell you where they are based, I found out by getting a phone operator to tell me where the area code was based) .You have to wait 24hrs.

for sales or technical(which sounded like the same person).However, to order you get a live operator(imagine that).Although somewhat of a warning, this is not the smoking gun.The smoking gun (for me) was when I recieved a call back from the sales department(there is no sales department, it turns out it is a women based somewhere out of ohio, in her house,that is a whole seller for the larger company based somewhere in Canada & the Uk, she claimes.So I prob further(acting as if I really want the laser, when I already know by this time Im not going to get it). I asked if she was registered with the B.B.B., At first she did’nt know, then it was no.Thats when, she embarresed, resorted back to she was just a whole seller.I then asked her if she could give me any references.She claimed only one guy out in california(where I live ) had purchased a laser machine from her.However, she claimed to not be able to give his # out(surprise).However, she told me of a women out in Alabama, she could give me her #.I told the women that it just seemed wierd that noone in the heart of Silicon Valley (where I live) would purchase this laser or in the whole state of california, there is only one person who purchased this laser.Then the women told me they have diffrent lasers from what the doctors use.However she stands by her product(I feel better already, not).The women also told me she would not give refundes after 6 months and believe it or not ended the call asking me if I wanted to make a purchase.Guess what My answer was.

I must say I have nothing to gain from this, I did not lose any money so Im not bitter.

This is just a very strong word of caution to consumors out there, when dealing with Global </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>

That’s just the tip my friend.

It seems that although the people who end up getting your money on both Global and Epil-Stop are actually denizens of the richest suburb of Buffalo New York, they tell you that their sales department changes numbers frequently, and you are just as likely to be talking to someone in California as you are Ohio, as you are Arizona.

It would seem that they either are using a call forwarding system to buy a number in one state, and forward all calls back to Buffalo, or, they just find some woman to answer their phones and she works with them until SHE figures they are scum and perhaps her paycheck is not as sure as she would like it to be, or even is scared that someone may try to hunt HER down because she is the one people have actual contact with.

No one wants to be a Bonnie Bakely when someone else is getting all the money.

I was going to reveal their Ebay Name in another post, but it seems they are not currently offering their products on ebay directly anymore. They used to have names like “Medical Equipment Manufacturer” and “Surplus Medical Supply”

In short, it is a higly organized scam that is raking in sooooo much money, and they are so slippery that although they no doubt qualify for prosecution under RICO by now, they remain untouched.

I’m so glad that some little voice in my head told me to read a little more about this company before i put in my credit card information in their web site to buy one of their machines. i remembered having read a very convincing web site long time ago (hairfacts as it turns out) that said that ONLY a needle mashine can give you permanent results.

Now that i have read all the horror stroeis associated with Global I’m so glad that i paused before i made the purchase… I lucked out too.