Alma laser any good??

I have been getting laser witha ND Yag laser for years now and I’ve had pretty good success. Well with the exception of my face. I think it stimulated growth so I switched to electrolysis.

My laser technician is no longer doing laser anymore so I found this other clinic and they use the Alma laser.

Has anyone had treatments with it?? I wanted to get my legs done and the prices are pretty cheap. I think it’s an IPL laser so I’m unsure if it can compare to the ND Yag laser I’m using now.

Doing laser for years and getting “pretty good” success isn’t really success… With treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart and an average area taking 8 treatments, that’s just over a year to have as much reduction as possible on the same area.

Either way, Alma is a company it’s not a laser. They make many different products so you have to be more specific.

Alma Lasers use mainly 2 machines for laser hair removal. They have the Harmony which uses IPL and is also a platform for other skin treatments like photo rejuvenation and pixel. And they have the Soprano which is a diode laser.
In North America the Soprano is the more popular of the two, it is also a much better option for hair removal because it’s a diode laser. The newer Harmony machines use a similar technique like the Soprano’s SHR mode but it’s still IPL, so not as effective if at all.