Allergic To Waxing?

I have waxed various areas of my body for over 12 years myself and professionally, mainly without incident. But recently the past few times I have waxed my lip and chin, I somehow have more sensitive skin and am getting what looks like rug burn on my face! Not only does it hurt, but it looks bad and the skin gets tight until a type of scab forms and falls off, making any cosmetics create what looks like dry patches. I am so frustrated because my skin is olive tone, and my hair is extremely dark and coarse. I wanted to try a cream remover, but have read so many horrible things about them, and don’t want to have any burns occur! I really don’t want to have to rely on professionals all the time, especially when I am away on vacation or want to fix myself from the comfort of my own home. I wouldn’t mind using a gentle cream even if it meant using it once or twice a week, but I just need to know which one would be useful!! Help!!! :confused:

I want to add too that I seem to also get resistant to various waxes I’ve used in the past, so that I have to keep changing brands for me to get the most effectiveness! Is this abnormal or what???

Trouble is abrewing there.

The reason you are getting a scab is because a strip of skin has been removed with the hair.
You need to re-evaluate your method or the practioner.

A very very thin coat of baby oil applied to the area before applying the wax will prevent the skin from coming off like that.
Also the wax may have been too hot which caused the skin to come off.

If you did this to yourself then lower the wax temp and do the oil thing.
If someone else did it then tell them what happened and ask for the oil.

Kathy Lynn

I probably should mention that I was using cold wax when this happened…

Yes you should have mentioned this but the answer is still the same except for the temperature thing.
You are pulling off skin so you still need to do the oil thing.
Try it and let us know what happens.

I read from somewhere else that it also matters if you are on your period or not when waxing. Of all the years I’ve waxed myself, I never knew that and never noticed a difference in my skin’s sensitivity until now. I think that was also part of the problem with this time around. I’ve yet to try it with the oil; I bought some zip wax though and that stuff worked well to take the hair off (without the skin!)