All things in proper perspective

Note: Dee, thanks for your posted photos … brilliant … this is what clients WANT to see! SUCCESS! Now back to my post:

My impatience with clients that are expressing and experiencing gratuitous anguish about their unwanted hair is legendary … yeah, I know that! (And, mostly females, by the way.)

You have to remember that unwanted hair is GOING to be gone forever, so this is more or less an inconvenience.

Guess what? People in public are NOT looking at your “closely shaved” chin hairs. People are mostly concerned about what THEY look like in this “me-first society.” They aren’t even looking at you, trust me!

In the wider scheme of things, if it’s only unwanted hair that’s “ruining your life?” Well, consider the possibilities. By the way yes, I “go there too.” And, I’m “sharring” my own silly behavior here …

I was telling Dr. Chapple that I was a depressed about this horrible appearance. He reminded me that this cancer is not fatal and mainly a nuisance. In a year it will be unnoticeable.

The doc had me talk to another patient yesterday: a young man (37) with melanoma that has spread to his liver. In most of these cases, this is not survivable. The guy is 37 and I’m almost 70! I wish I could change places with the guy, and I would too: I’m old and washed-up. (Chapple did large skin grafts on his leg.)

Anyway, the photo I’m presenting today is my skin graft (this morning). Think about going out in public with this sucker! I’m going to do it … If people don’t like it, that’s their problem!

Now stop your complaining, get to the program and STICK TO IT. Don’t go back to tweezing because you have some silly social “event” to go to … all of these self-inflicted delays prolong the process.

(Yeah, I know I said I would not comment in this way again … but, I read a few more of the “suffering” comments … and, I HAD to share!) Remember: the suffering is OPTIONAL!

The wound is healing nicely, handsome!

A colleague posted this on Facebook this morning. Pertains to everything you said about cancer and hair, etc.

Reminds me of this story:

But…Michael ! My hair is horrible! Every time I step out the door it grows five feet, and braids itself so I have dreadlocks hanging off my face! It’s the WORST thing in the world!

Honestly though, the worst part? Actually letting it grow out so I can do the electrolysis on it. Sometimes I’m not quick enough removing it. It’s then that I get called sir more than any other time.I DO have an option though, I can shave it. I look fantastic when I’m properly shaved, it just takes me days before I can do any more electrolysis.I look forward to the day when I dont have to shave.

All you need now is a bolt glued on and you can go out as frankenstien!


YES, Seana … I would say “Frankenstein with a dead raccoon on his head!” Damn, I need some fashion consultation or something.

And, about “passing?”

I have three “fully completed” TG friends. One has a super job, and goes to the bank to make deposits for the company. At Halloween this year, she showed up at the bank and all seemed just fine. Then suddenly the (new) teller said, “Oh my God, what a GREAT costume! … I almost didn’t notice.” She had the other bank employees come over to see this amazing “guy in a costume.” My friend was devastated.

Wendy and I were having lunch a few years ago, and suddenly there was a 3-year-old standing right at our table. The kid said, “Are you a boy or a girl?” Wendy said, “A girl.” The kid said, … “Oh, okay” … and walked off.

I have lots of stories like this and they are common.

Here’s the thing, when you are in full “regalia” people will not comment because they “get it.” (Many, however, will know and understand the situation.) However, if you are like my other very dear TG friend (wears no makeup, short hair and wears pants), people sometimes call her “him.” And, frankly, she couldn’t care less.

I think all TG folks eventually become immune to this. After all it’s NOT about how strangers see you. Is it?

I’ve gotten this a few times. Kids are curious,and they dont have any of that PC crap to clutter up their minds. My favorite way to reply to such a question … “Yes I’m one of those.”

Nope it isnt. But not all transgendered have the thick skin to deal with this.For some it causes very deep depression. Oh and how well you present often has NOTHING to do with how you look. I was in walmart recently and I picked out a transgirl from 30 or 40 feet away. If I was to look at her, I never would have guessed ( except she was rahter tall). I picked her out because of her VOICE.