alkaline wash vs electrolysis

alkaline wash vs electrolysis on downy/vellus hair on the face. Can anyone give me some reviews or feedback on alkaline washes, they seem to be the new trend or shops are opening up everywhere around sydney… can anyone tell me if the alkaline wash works and if there are any risk involved like burns etc… Any info would be greatly appreciated…

i have always wondered how the alkaline wash affects your skin… my understanding of the alkaline wash is that it changes the pH, making the hairs fall out - is this correct? If so, does that mean it would not be good for your skin - i have no idea really, also wondering…Thanks


What you are describing is a chemical burn Since vellus hairs are more shallow than terminal hairs, it could be conceivable to chemical burn the top layer or two with the hope of removing the vellus hairs, but really, why would one do this? If you replace the term “Alkaline Wash” with “Drain Clog Remover Spritz” does it still sound appealing to you?

Thankyou for your answer James, its much appreciated. I have got minor burns after a treatment today of a alkaline wash on my face and my skin is irritated and red. I was just wondering in your professionall opinion how I would go about treating these burns (vit E, moisturizer??? They are very minor and are slowly subsiding.

Your help would be greatly appreciated…

Your face just needs to be back at its proper pH and you need to give your body what it needs internally to make good new skin. A cleanser and or moisturizer like Phisoderm, or Propa-pH would make sure your skin pH is ok, but if some time has passed since the treatment, the body has already done that.

The skin likes Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and electrolytes. You should get therapeutic doses of these for a few days to a week. Take some of these over the course of the day, not just one large dose at one time each day (unless you have time release pills). You should also get lots of green veggies and drink water at least every 2 hours.