"ALEXANDRITE " (product of candelalaser)


I wanted to remove my back and shoulders body-hair.

I have lots of soft dark hair.

I went to a few laser and infra-red institutes.
Each of them told me something different and I’m confused.
Not sure who to trust. I’m worried about side effects of strength and thicker body hair.

  1. Can hair shaving\vaxing make the soft hair strong and solid?

  2. Can laser heat wake up asleep hair-heads, and make my situation worse?

  3. How can I understand what makes "ALEXANDRITE " (product of http://www.candelalaser.com/index.cfm) optimal solution for the soft men back hair?
    Will this not wake up asleep hair-heads as other solution will probably do?

  4. As hair removal is not permanent, should I only go to institutes that sell a pack of unlimited treatments?

  5. Body’s front hair thinning - I’m not sure what the average results look like. Are there any photos in the Internet that can clarify it to me?

Are there any additional objective medical forums I can post my questions?

Thanks for any reply

You should post this in the laser hair removal section of the forum.