alexandrite no much effect. shall i try diode?

i’ve had in the last 2 years 8 sessions of lhr with gentlelase alexendrite mostly at 18 jules and it has only reduced the hair by 20-40-50-80% (area depending)

by the way im skin type III and light dark hair. very few are blondish

hair on the back of my neck still remain a big concern for me. today i visited a center to get the electrolysis tested and the beauty therapist said it would take too long and would even be too costly for me to get electrolysis done instead she suggested to go for their diode laser(syneron dsl e-laser) and guaranteed i would get results…

i am a bit confused any suggestions anyone

Honestly if an alexandrite isn’t working for you then you probably won’t get results from a diode unless it’s an issue with the person treating you with the alex. Alexandrite is generally better than diode so switching is more like taking a step down. It sounds more likely that your hair isn’t dark enough or coarse enough for treatment. You may want to find another clinic and do a test area just to see the results in case it’s due to the person treating you using incorrect settings or technique.

What is with all the electrologists turning away clients lately? Did you imply to her that you have a deadline or something? Because that is a perfect area for electrolysis!

In theory it’s possible that a person will react better to one technology over another.
I’ve heard before from an “expert” that on her diode didn’t work but IPL did.
Do i believe her? Probably not, but i have my own personal reasons against her.

Diode is not as effective, especially on finer hair, due to its parameters. Alex is most powerful and effective (especially GentleLASE with the largest spot size and shortest pulse width of 3ms). So diode is not an alternative solution.

Can you post photos? If the hair is not coarse enough for an alex, it’s not coarse enough for any laser and electrolysis is the only solution.

Were your treatments at 18mm spot size at 18J or something else? That makes a huge difference.

I’m with edokid, if it didn’t work then a diode will not do the job… But who’s to say 8 times is enough??? Also with your back, how often did you go in for treatments, 8 weeks or 12 weeks, I’ve heard for back, you should wait 12 weeks.

I say stick with it at least 4 more times, treatments 3 months apart to give the hairs that grow in a chance to become more coarse…

hi everybody,
here are some pictures before and after LHR.
there is almost 2 year space between. and i’ve had 8 sessions in total ( only 5 to my shoulders)
the machine used was gentlelase at 18j with 18mm spot

its been exactly 3 months and 3 weeks since the last session. i heard that all hair grow completely after 4 months, is that correct?

my beauty therapist advised me that i shouldnt except any more results…
instead she advised me to get electrolysis. i dont know if she was being honest or wanted to get more money out of me…

do you guys think that i should go ahead with some more LHR?




close up pictures after 8 treatments: once the pictures open click on them to enlarge them.

[b]shoulder close up[/b]

[b]middle chest close up[/b]

thanks :slight_smile:

You’ve got really great results on your chest and back that must be amazing for you now! When I look at the results it does seem like the hair is dark enough to still be treated, but if you’ve done 8 it’s really hard to say. You may want to look at the cost of now doing electrolysis, even on your shoulders since that will get rid of it all. Don’t switch to diode though, alex is more effective for sure.

Your results are very typical. You got a great reduction on the coarse hair on your chest. The rest of your hair was never really coarse enough for laser.

Yes, if you want to remove the rest, you need electrolysis at this point.

oh really so i have no more chance with LHR then?

by the way is it true that all body hair grow at maximum length in 4 months time?

to be honest electrolysis hurts a bit (a lot actually!) i was recommended some sort of numbing cream to put 30 min before the session… is that the best solution?

Electrolysis hurts a lot. About 95% of my clients say not true. My typical appointments are long, over an hour. My longest appointment was 7.75 hours. Some practitioners set themselves up with great equipment and modality choices and most clients close their eyes and even dose off at times. Maybe you should shop around?

Yes, there is a small percentage that no matter what the set up of skill factors are, they are intolerant of electrolysis, but they are usually intolerant of laser pain, tattoo pain as well.

There are different types of electrolysis, epilators, and skill levels of electrologists. It doesn’t have to hurt much at all. Look around for a good electrologist and sample a couple of them to find the best one.

Yes, I do not think the hair you have now will respond to any more laser treatments.

Hairmair - where did you go for electrolysis?