Alexandrite Laser

I would like to invite you here to share your experience with Alexandrite type of laser machines so we could have more data on it.After long research I decided that I have to try it in work and I did my first session today on facial hair, which I do not have a lot unlike average males.First off, I found a honest doctor (which,as you probably already know- is very hard to find in hair removal business) with years and years of experience.I was on consultation in many places before I have run into her.Everyone except her was mostly interested in my money-not my hair issue.
Laser can be almost painless if you use the right anesthetic.In fact, 90% of the session time I felt nothing but slight sensations.My face was so frozen that I could not smile and hardly could speak:)let me tell you in a week of my results.
In the meantime I would love to hear from someone who also did treatments using Aleksandrite!