Alexandria/candela lazer

I had a consultation today for laser for face-upper lip and neck, underarms and bikini. I would really appreciate any honest feedback. It is a female ob/gyn that will be doing the laser. The machine is Alexandria/candela. How much pain, or is it just discomfort?

How much swelling or reddening of the skin afterwards? Is it ok to go back to work immediately after? Thinking about having it done before work or during lunch time.

I am very excited about trying it, buy very scared about any permanent damage to my skin.
Also, does anyone have any before and after pictures?

Any scarring left by the laser?

Candela alexandrites like the GentleLASE are good lasers. If your practitioner has lots of experience, your risk of injury should be low. See if they have a client you can speak with or if they have any before/after shots.

Finally, let us know how it goes!