I’ve been prescribed spiro for hirsuitism, also losing hair from the top of the head. (aieee!)

Has anyone found it reduced their libido? Has anyone found a better alternative?

I’ve been having electrolysis fortnightly for two years now. I’m still having one hour sessions and am starting to worry about permanent skin damage.

Any advice appreciated.

Hi Dandelion:

You didn’t say how long you have been on the spiro and the dosages, but spiro and propecia can both affect your libido somewhat.

The spiro acts as an anti-androgen, even though it was designed originally as a hypertensive medication. The bottom line is it reduces your testosterone level, which prevents that from converting to DHT or dehydrotestosterone.
DHT can cause hair growth on the face and body and loss on the scalp.

If you really want to find out what is happening internally you need to have blood tests done for testosterone level and potassium level. It is also important to avoid potassium supplements and drink lots of water. In case you are wondering, even women have testosterone although their levels are uually lower than for men.


Thanks Aliciadarling (what a great name!)

I haven’t actually started it yet. I’ve got to iron out a few other health problems first.

I’m having testosterone measured next week. Had potassium tested last week for an unrelated problem.

Yep, I learnt about women producing testosterone (why they call it a ‘male’ hormone is beyond me) when I first sought medical help for low libido. It turns out the contraceptive pill I’d been on for over a decade had reduced my testosterone production to negligible levels. I stopped taking it and things improved. They’ve worsened again recently so I don’t want to add to my woes with any other drug.

Interesting about the potassium - I’m on potassium supplements already but unfortunately they’re too important(for other health reasons) to stop.

I think, after what you’ve written, I might just wait until I can see my endocrinologist again and get more info.