aldactone, spiro, vaniqua..oh my!


My name is Mandy and I am folically challenged. I have always had peach fuzz on my face and it wasn’t until around my high school days that I became self-conscious about it. My mother and I did our research and agreed to let me be the first to give laser a try. I was so nieve back then. We went to a reputable plastic surgeon but all of his promises didn’t deliver. I was told to shave the almost non-existant facial hair I had which left me with more hair and acne due to the stress and embarrassment. Well, 6 years, countless hours spent waxing,tweezing later my problem worsened 10-fold the hair is thicker,darker,and in more places. I have had every test done in the past year to try & diagnose PCOS but they all come up OK? I am currently taking Aldactone and my PCP recently gave me Glucophage because she wasn’t happy with the results of the Aldactone therapy.The Glucophage made me nautios so I stopped taking it. I have an appoinment with a local laser center on 6-20 and I am very skeptical as to it’s effectiveness on me now. Can anyone relate? My hair is mostly on my chin and my lip and it is embarrassing, I’m only 24. I shouldn’t have to deal with this yet!!

Desperate in Dallas!

Hi there,
Just before turning 25, I started to get terminal hairs on my upper lip and chin and my peach fuzz started to get longer on my face. I think that peach fuzzis okay, it softens a woman’s face and is completely normal. I think all these cosmetic and laser companies, and electrologists are just giving us women something else to worry about so that they can make more money.

I started doing electrolysis on these terminal hairs on my chin and upper lip right away when I saw them growing. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing the treatment now for 2 months (straight galvanic electrolysis), and I’ve seen a siginificant reduction in hair re-growth in these areas. Therefore, my advice to you is not to touch the peach fuzz on your face and to get electrolysis done ONLY on your terminal hairs. That’s why I never get laser done on my face because laser and electrolysis only work when hairs are in their “growing phase”. And, the majority of blonde hairs are not in their “growing phase”. If you bother with these hairs, they are just going to grow back darker. And then, you’ll have to re-do the treatment once again which is what happened to you. Therefore, you’ll see peach fuzz, then darker hairs after first treatment (because most of the hairs are not in their growing phase), then you’ll have to go for a second or maybe a third treatment. So your progress with go from okay, to worse, to better, and even better. I don’t want to put myself through that stress and so that’s why I didn’t touch any blonde hairs on my face. Hope this helps!

I also forgot to add that I also started using diane 35 for one of of the months during the electrolysis treatment. I’ve seen less regrowth lately (after 2 months of treatment). I don’t know if it’s from the electrolysis alone or from the combination of electrolysis and diane 35 (testosterone blocker). You should try diane 35 if you have mild hirsutism. Hope this helps!