Albany Gender Clinic (WARNING!)

I noticed that over on the “Kitty” quack forum, a reader posted a question about Albany Gender Clinic, a UK-based mail order company. Naturally, they encouraged a consumer to go for it without any research.

All consumers should avoid purchasing products from Albany Gender Clinic.

These scum prey on unsuspecting and desperate members of the TG community (mostly crossdressers), by selling overpriced items and unproven products that supposedly cause feminization.

Google: Albany Gender Clinic complaints

They sell a “beard retardant cream,” which has absolutely no proof it can work as claimed.,

The owner Stephanie Anne Lloyd is the absolute worst kind of scum imaginable-- the kind that has no qualms about ripping off members of her own community. Utterly despicable.

Gotta say I don’t like Kitty very much anymore. I used to be an avid reader, but when they banned me (from both the forum and the website) for trying to sort out some issues I decided they weren’t worth it.

They are extremely reactionary over there, pointless.

I have to fully endorse everything Andrea says about the Albany Gender Clinic. And the chain of stores that goes with it (‘Transformation’).

I met someone a while back who cross dressed, and heard their life story (how, why, etc.)

They’d been to the London Transformation store, and had been ripped of to the tune of thousands of pounds before they realised!! (They joined a regular support group, and got much better advice and help).

Albany and cross-dressers asside, I think the underlying lesson to be learnt is that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!!

Steve, sorry to hear you got banned over there. “Kitty” has great readers, but “Kitty” and her clients make really crappy moderators. They censor anything they don’t like rather than face challenges to their dubious authority regarding hair removal. They mix truth and bad advice into an inseparable mess, and they encourage quackery.

Paranoid control freaks and quacks both hate the same things: science, facts, opposing views. In the end, they end up hurting consumers and sowing the seeds for their own failure. Unfortunately, “Kitty” and her clients will need to learn this the hard way, since they’re utterly convinced they’re 100% right about everything.