Ahhhhh, Spring!

Well, its starting to warm up. Pretty soon its going to be beach going weather. I’ve once again begun searching for a effective hair removal method. This time taking it a little more seriously. I have a decent amount of hair in patches on my back that i want to get rid of. I’d also like to thin out my chest hair a bit. I was considering purchasing a fischer electrolysis unit and buying Mike Bono’s book at the advice of Mr. Walker. My brother and i would probably both read the book and perform electrolysis on each other, seeing as we share the same italian genes (luckily, i’m quite a bit less hairy than him) :smile:

Laser is more effective on dark hairs surrounded by light skin. After treatment, the lighter hairs may remain, making it appear that there was only reduction. It would be the same as doing electrolysis on only the dark hairs.

However, the technician’s skill and equipment as well as your own skin and hairs, and how many treatments you get (typically more than 5), will determine the overall success. You may see no success all the way to total success. I’ve experienced both extremes from the same tech and equipment in different body areas.

Electrolysis is not so particular and therefore has a better chance of overall success and specific treatment areas (e.g. no patches). Treating yourselves mean that you learn on your own skin with the risk (and most likely a few errors) of some permanent scarring. If you are doing large areas, it may be cheaper, depending on how quickly you can eventually do your own treatments. If you and a partner are working on each other, you’re taking up the time of 2 people and the value of their time. If time value is not important, then you will have the convenience of being able to do treatments without having to travel to a pro.

Start on your own legs so you can get the feel of the insertion. You will know how far to insert because when you go too far, you will feel the pain. You will also get the feel of what the practitioner feels when the insertion is just right.

If you work at it with regularity, you will have good results, and replace shaving with electrolysis once you get a good speed/work rate going.

As far as L.A.S.E.R. goes, you could start with a treatment area full of black hairs on light skin, and some of that hair will just get thinner, and or turn white as a direct result of the treatments, so it is not really a solution for the person who wants to clear out an entire area.

A pro can work faster than you would, but if you and your brother have as much hair as you say, you could become a pro by the time you finish your legs and get started in on your backs.

You can start on your legs just till you get the hang of that insertion feel thing, and then leave them alone if that is not one of the area that you have as a hair removal priority.