AHAs and Waxing


I am starting a regimen of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) lotion on my face at night. Also, i am having my eyebrows waxed at the salon. I gather that AHAs and waxing don’t mix! So…how many days before the waxing appointment should i stop using AHA lotion? How many days afterwards should i start the AHAs again?

Thanks very much in advance! And, apologies in advance if this is posted elsewhere i didn’t see…


I too use an aha every day either 8% or 10%.I have no problem. depending on the type of wax your waxer is using you may or may not have contradictions. I have actually waxed clients using retin a and differin with out skin removal, although there is more pain and redness than if they were not on these meds. I use a hard wax meant for sensitive skin, brazilians, etc. hope this helps, maggie