Age for laser hair removal

One day I asked myself - what is a minimum age for laser hair removal?

I found out the answer on Handbook
The answer was: “Laser hair removal is safe for all ages, but it’s not recommended for teenagers”. Also there are many useful advices for laser hair removal too. Are there any teenagers who tried laser hair removal? My 16 y.o. sister have a problem - she has unwanted hair on her face… <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Laser hair removal can be performed safely on people of all ages, including teenagers. However, the level of safety is determined primarily by the skill of the operator. If you go to someone who isn’t experienced, or if you do not follow instructions before and after treatment to avoid skin damage or discoloration, the procedure has the potential to be unsafe. Your best bet is to have your parent(s) help you find someone with plenty of experience. Remember that laser works best on light colored skin and darker hair, and that you should always get a test patch done somewhere others won’t see to make sure you respond well to it.

There is no age limit as Andrea said. I would say you also need to consider the fact that at 16, she is probably still developing more hair, so even if you treat it now, it will look like hair is coming back for a few years. Of course, doesn’t hurt to start now and just zap anything new that comes in. New hair is more vulnerable and is killed easier anyways. Just make sure to do the research on the type of laser that’s best for her skin and hair type and find a very experienced and hopefully recommended tech.