I am going for consultation tomorrow and will have a patch test on the area I want treated.

My skin has finally recovered after 1 tretament of electrolysis. I would appreciate the advice on aftercare. Please correct me if I am wrong. Few hours after treatment you apply a thin layer of witch hazel with a cotton ball.

At nighttime, wash face (with a face wash) and then apply witch hazel and then on top apply aloe vera with cotton balls for the next three days?

I have purchased witch hazel but it has alcohol in it. Is that ok?

It’s preferred to have 100% pure witch hazel, but the brand of product I use personally has 11% or 14% (I’m not certain) alcohol and it’s never caused any problems.

Hi green olive,

When you say, “recovered” what does that mean?
What was your skin like while immediately after your first treatment and what did it look like 48 hours after?

Generally, is your skin at either extreme on the dry or oily scale?

What were your electrologist’s aftercare suggestions?

There are general suggestions but they are personalized if a client presents with skin issues.

Alcohol can be a bit too drying and throws the pH balance off so this is why we do not suggest it for daily use as an aftercare. There are witch hazel brands that have no alcohol, Thayers brand being my favorite. Since the alcohol free witch hazel helps to bring back normal pH after cleansing, it is suggested.

You don’t have to waste cotton balls to apply your aloe afterwards,freshly washed clean hands are our best applicators, try to find a clear aloe gel that is at least 99%.

Those are basic aftercare suggestions. Other suggestions would be contingent on your response to the above questions.

My skin after treatment was red and that was it. However the next day I woke up with very noticeable and big scabs. These scabs were not tiny where the needle entered the skin. Then afew days later I started haveing white spots 10 of them to be precise and painful. Then I noticed two lumps inside which are slowly healing. I had to take a course of antibiotics. Now my skin has recovered.

My skin is normal, its not oily or dry.

The only aftercare that was suggested to me was to apply a thin layer of wich hazel. I didnt even know that should use Aloe vera and tea tree oil until i came on this site.

Does the make/model of the machine important when having tretaments?

You ask about the make and model and it making a difference.
In my opinion, if the tech. understands how the machine works and understands enough about skin and develops good technique, the big scabs are avoidable.

So, if someone is using a high end machine, you could also end up with big scabs if used improperly.

Since I am not there while work is being done, I don’t know what is going on but generally, bigger scabs can result when insertions are too shallow, when probe is too thin for the follicle, when energy is too high or timing is too long for that particular situation…

Are you returning to the same electrologist?

It is often safer for clients to come here anonymously and ask the questions but I strongly advise clients to communicate with their electrologists too.

Applying a “thin layer” of witch hazel is all you can do with liquid!!! Using fresh cotton, it is appropriate to use witch hazel soaked cotton to hold on your skin immediately and intermittently all day after a treatment.

Witch hazel only has 14% alcohol (usually). While high strength alcohol is very, very drying to the skin, a little does not hurt - and I even add a little wintergreen alcohol to the witch hazel that I use on clients. (Just enough to make it green.)

Healthy skin should return to its normal pH within 20 minutes of being “stripped” of its pH. Repeated “stripping” is not good, of course - as healthy skin needs to have a balanced pH.

Ditto Arlene’s last post.

No, I will not be returning to the sam electrologist. When I went for a consultaion, I asked the elctrologist what model machine she is using she said, “I am not sure, it begins with D. We have tried may machines, but we like this machine”. It was white in colour and had a dial.

Tomorrow I will be going to a electrologist who is BIAE registered and has a 25 years experience.