after treatment redness

I find that I am left with scabs and redness for over week, which is not usual from past experience. Still some scabs after a week, which isn’t the norm.

I had treatment again, and it’s much more red than before though less painful than last time. Why did the treatment leave me very red than from past electrologists? This electrologist has been doing this for years.

I had put on aloe, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference.

Perhaps this can be refined a bit. Tell your electrologist about your reaction. Tell her you are not pleased. How dense is the hair? How thick is it? How long was your session? Did you use aloe just one time? Was it cold out of the fridge? Please, please have a friendly talk with your electrologist.


The hair is coarse, I would think. The session was an hour…does it matter?

I use aloe a few days, and I don’t use it during the day because it tends to stain or wet my clothes. It just seems like when I use aloe or neosporin…instead of calming the redness, it still will stay red and build scars, so I just stop feeling that it’s useless. Shouldn’t they be preventing the scars? She puts on a calming lotion several times, but I have redness in each hole she treated with red scabs like it was done yesterday. I dont’ think the lotion does anything. It is nothing I had before. I think it has more to do with the way it is being treated.

A small percentage (7-10%) of people are allergic to neosporin. I would dump that stuff and see how you get along with just aloe. I never advise neosporin for my clients because or the neomycin ingredient that seems to upset their skin.

Most of my appointments are between and hour and five hours at a time. I am not getting feedback about scabs or prolonged reactions. In the beginning, people tell me about swelling and a few red dots here and there, which are gone withing a couple days to a week. Your electrologist should always get feedback whether they ask you first or you tell them without them asking you.

What kind of “calming lotion” did she use? Did she give detailed written instructions outlining sun exposure, clean hands, clean pillow case, ingredients to use and ingredients not to use? When you walk out of the office, that is when you are responsible for your healing. If you do everything you are advised and you are not looking good by weeks end, then she needs to try other strategies. If you both are doing all you can, then perhaps it is an equipment issue.

I have not had an electrologist give me written instruction on after care just verbal suggestions on products like antibiotic or aloe. This time, the electrologist did not give any advice on after care. I didn’t read the bottle to see what she was using, but she said it was to calm down the redness.