after treatment question

i read in a leaflet in my electrologist’s office to avoid washing the face with water for 2 days after treatment because zits may develop. is this true?
also read in an electrolysis site, that some patients have experienced skin depression because collagen is damaged by the heat produced in the follicles. can this really happen? i have noticed lately slight skin sagging on the sides of my mouth that should not happen at my age i think. can this really happen?

You are supposed to keep your skin clean and dry for 24 to 72 hours. I advise all my clients to wash the face and apply aloe and or tea tree oil after treatment and again before going to bed. I would not say to keep from washing for 48 hours. One wants the treatment area clean.

If your electrologist is using an older machine in thermolysis and is using really high currents, or is treating hairs close together, you could be having long term damage. The good news is that it regenerates in time.

This type of post treatment effect is not necessary, but it is possible when overtreatment occurs.