After the hairs fall out...


does it look like you never had hair at the spot it was done? I mean, I know it won’t look like you shaved, since you don’t have the hair in the follicle there will be no shadow.

However, up close does the skin look any different like pinpricks or anything? All of the before and after pictures look great, however they are from a distance and I cannot tell.

If I get this done, I want it to look like there was never hair there in the first place.

Once again, thanks for sharing all of your info! There is not another place on the web where you can find such a wealth of knowledge on the subject.


I was told yesterday when I went for my first appointment that the pore will shrink in time as there is nothing there (hair) to hold it open. It will not completely close up, but she assured me that they will definitely get smaller.


You may find after treatment that you have the tiniest little white spots where the hairs used to be. These are nearly invisible to the naked eye on most people, and look like the scar from a tiny pinprick. In darker skin, these may match the color of othger scars and therefor be darker. Again, in most consumers these are almost invisible unless you look for them.