After my first treatment

Electrolysis is fun!well it was to many anyways…and she didnt even charge for my first visit.I was so afraid that it would be very painful…the anticipation was horrible!While I was sitting in the waiting room I could hear her patient moaning in pain she sounded like a wounded beast.I was shaking when I walked in.The woman informed me that I wouldnt like it, it would be uncomfortable…but not painful.I only elft the strays on the bottom of my chin bcuz I just wanted to try it out and see if it was so terrible.She got those and a few that were scattered on the sides of my mouth…she said i didnt give her much to work with…oh well I let it grow for 2 days so I tried but for some reason it grew very slow.I am going to get the sides of my face cleared in January…I am really excited, but I have a question.She told me that the hairs she got today would never grow back?does this mean the only ones that will when she totally clears me will be the next batch?and once she zaps every batch of hairs I will be hair free?
ps anyone thinking about electrolysis GO FOR IT!the only thing I felt was a slight stinging sensation and a few times a little warmth.

You got it on the first try!

If you get good treatment spaced properly, you only have to do the majority of the hairs ONCE!

When one starts out, not all the hairs are in growth phase, but when the initial clearing is done, if you keep your schedule properly, you will be clearing all hairs as they grow, and so they will only need to be treated ONCE. That is why we can get to first clearance, make it look like a person is finished, and then quietly go about the job of making it so the person doesn’t have to see the electrologist again at the end of 9 to 18 months.

The reason most people are still doing weekly treatments 2 years later, is every time they get to the point where they have one thing in hand and could only come once a month, or once in three months, they start something NEW because they figure, “That went well, and I love the results so let’s do this next.”