After how many treatments could you see results?

For those of you who had a succesful laser journey, could you please state how many treatments you did before deciding you achieved enough reduction first, and more importantly after how many treatments did the reduction become very clear? I know it may take a while because of the numerous hair cycles. For me it’s after the 4th treatment that finally started showing some results.

This site states 15-20% of hair is eliminated per treatment

I can’t say 60 to 80% is gone. I’d say barely 50% or not even that.

for me too after the 4th session on my legs and bikini area. really saw a massive difference after the 4th. had 6 in that area and its been a year. could do with a little top-up but not desperate… good luck!

Really? Good so it’s the same for you as well. Thanks for the input.

I would still like to hear more opinions on this.