After First Laser Session

Hi All…

I had my first full face lightsheer session here in the UK last week. I have two questions that I would really be grateful to get some advice upon.

The LS operator was v nice and well trained ( i think) and she zapped me on 26 joules. I am a II-III skin type. Not sure of the fluence.

Afterwards cooled the skin etc but two days later I had loads of acne like red spots and skin bumpiness all around my chin area and below the jawline. BTW I used aloe vera and moisturiser etc throughout and was scruplulously clean. A week later it has died dowm mostly, but remains quite bumpy and still spotty and sore around the chin.

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If using lightsheer is the issue…what are my best options…alexandrite…?

All help greatly appreciated…

with your skin type, either LightSheer or an alexandrite laser is fine. The experience of the tech is what will matter in results. The first time reaction is the worst since you have the most hair. What type of hair do you have? Fine or coarse? What color, etc? Where exactly on your face? You should still talk to your tech and make sure she knows what reaction you got. It sounds like a bit of a histamine reaction since it lasted more than 3 days. Anti-histamine might help, but it’s hard to tell what it is without seeing you, so please talk to your tech.

do you know if they’re using short or long pulse at 26 joules?

Thanks for your response LAgirl.

I will try talk to her…and find out what setting she used…do you know what would seem normal…?

Is this first time big red spots/acne outbreak thingy a fairly normal thing…?

I replied to your PM. hope that helps.

Thanks LAgirl

For the record.

By Day 12…the “acne” like outbreak had mostly gone…and I am very very pleased with the outcome…I reckon I have had about a 35-45% reduction all over…skin texture has changed as a result…my complexion looks…errr…fresher?

But I think I may need another session or two yet …but I will ask for a longer pulse rate to lessen the heat impact


after my first session (on the full face as well) my skin also looked wonderful and smooth. after the second treatment however (lower settings even) i got burned and had redness and very dry scaly patches on my cheeks for three full months! i am finally healed and had my chin and neck done but i am afraid to have my cheeks/sideburns done again. i need it for sure but the texture (not sure if this is the right word) of my skin seems odd. in the right lighting you can see what almost looks like my cheeks are scarred from burns. i’m wondering if the laser will burn me again and it seems weird that it’d change the surface of my skin, but i guess it may be like a scar if i got burned. i’m so confused, i don’t know what to do!

oh btw, i also was zapped witht he lightsheer.

laser in general doesn’t cause burns. it can cause burns if the settings are not set correctly. Jill, have you talked to your clinic? it sounds like a superficial burn and there are some creams for burns that make the healing faster etc. they should be able to recommend something when seeing you if it’s a professional place.

unfortunately the tech i had the first two times wasnt there so i spoke to a different tech and showed her my face. she didnt say very much, she wanted me to talk to the lady who was my tech before. i can understand that but i could tell she was a little cautious about what she was saying/her reaction. she just told me not to use anything with salsylic acid and to use aloe vera. not very helpful, seeing as how i already use everything for sensitive skin- lotion, face wash, make-up, etc. i use nothing with fragrance and what works best for me after laser has been just plain vasoline. it’s just hard because it’s my face you know? it’s not some place i can cover up. and i work with the public and i know people can tell something is weird about my face (usually a ‘shadow’) i just want it to be over but i’m sure it’s going to take at least another full year if i continue laser and/or decide to do electrolosis.

lagirl, do you think the gentlelase might be a better option for me or is it basically the same thing as the lightsheer? (keep in mind my skin is very light, hair is very dark and corse and i have extremely sensitive skin that burns easily)

either laser is good for you. it’s the technician and their skill that will make a difference. don’t they have a manager or a doctor on staff? i would talk to the superiors and see what they say. they need to know they burned you, mark it in their files, and i would ask for some type of a written statement stating that too. if they have a doctor on staff, which there should be for this specific reason, they should be able to recommend or prescribe a cream to make the healing better and faster. if not, i would similar to any other burn.

OK Hi Everybody…

Well…its been nearly 4 weeks after my session…Been raining like Mad Brian here in the UK…so, no chance of pigmentation issues…!

Anyway, skin was back to normal for most part…smoother all over…less hair all over…I do have quite a few cleared patches…but some some semi cleared as well…and some with hair but less of it patches…so it all sorta blends in …So far, …NO ONE has noticed the patching…

But MANY…have commented on fresher look… good skin condition…

NOW…?? …I am very pleased with the outcome…But…shall I push my luck?..and do another one?..or will this trigger someone noticing…

As we say in England…He who dares…??