after care


Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me. I have been having laser treatment on my face (I’m due for my fourth treatment). The results are quite good so far and I am much happier with my appearence.
One thing worring me is after care for my skin. I have been advised to wear a sunblock with a spf of 30 on treated areas but have been given no real time scale. Can I use a lower factor after a certain amount of time?
I have pale but slightly olive skin that does not burn easily and would normaly use a spf 15. :confused:


You should definitely use higher sunblock a week or two before treatment, and at least two weeks after. Because the sun’s rays are more direct in the summer, it’s really important to use sunblock throughout the summer, even if you aren’t getting laser treatments.

This will significantly reduce the risk of getting discoloration in the areas you had lasered. This discoloration can last many months, so it’s better to be safe thsan sorry.