After care with electrolysis

Hello and Merry Christmas, I’m new to the board and from the UK. It’s nice to visit a forum that can talk about hair removal openly, it’s all a bit taboo in Britian. What I wanted to ask was what happens to skin once electrolysis has been performed? I’ve recently had it on the fluffy whiskers that stick out around my mouth and chin area, and it seems to leave a red indented mark in some areas from where the hair’s been taken out. Is this normal and will it heal? I need re-assurance as I’m a bit of a worrier! Thanks.

Hi- I have had electrolysis on my face and body. My experience has been that after a half hour, no marks remain on my face. I think this is because the setting for the face is so low. On my body however, I must deal with little red marks that turn into scabs.
I am not an expert, but it seems that marks on the face are not necessary. That said, rest assured that the marks will fade- after 2 weeks you should see dramatic improvement and then further improvement from there.

Thanks for the reply, but it’s actually the pores that I’m concerned with. They seem a lot bigger and tend to look like small pitted areas. Will they shrink with time? I’m very conscious of my skin and have been down for quite some time, suffering from severe acne as a child and now this darned hair! It’s like a never ending depressive cycle. I’m 26 and never go out, I feel like I’m wasting my life because of these silly little fine hairs. Does anyone feel the same? People say ‘you’ve got nothing there’, but I know I have as some relatives have said ‘well, actually you’ve got a few…’. It’s extremely frustrating, I just hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel!

There is light at the end of the tunnel! You should definitely not be staying inside - electrolysis can and will take care of the problem. If you are unhappy with the treatment you got so far, why not consider asking around for a recommended electrologist? I know you said it’s taboo in England, but maybe a dermatologist or even a hairdresser can point you in the right direction!
I had heeavy sideburns and now I am clear- so keep the faith!
Also- as far as your acne, there are so many prescription creams on the market now that can alleviate this problem- have you spoken to a doctor about it?

as far as the pitted marks, they will fade but you will need a premium of patience- it might take up to a month. but be good to yourself- do not pick at the marks!