After 3 months it all grew back, now what??

OK - I bought a $600 package of 5 treatments for my bikini and labia. The place was nice. I shaved before the treatment like they asked. Did not see a huge amount of hair loss after 4 sessions so I inquired. They TURNED UP THE POWER and gave me 1 free session.

So here I am, 6 sessions later, $600 poorer, I went 3 months of clean and smooth, THEN IT ALL GREW BACK!!!

Now what??? Keep going?? Find someone else??

I just want to be hair free down there!

Join the club, I have had 20 treatments on my wholebody and have pretty much full regrowth,a slight reduction in some areas but never killed hardly any hairs.I look like a complete monster.In the next couple weeks im gonna try to get my money back, I went to sonamedspa and they guaranteed 100% removal when I signed up 3 years ago in chesterfield,missouri and now I look almost just as bad now.Im gonna posts some pictures and my story soon on all the internet forums if they dont refund my money.

Goog luck

if nothing happened during the first 4 treatments, it means you didn’t get anything from them. you need to have 5-6 treatments from the point where it’s actually working for the results.

What is your hair and skin type? Laser works very well on bikini normally with light skin and dark hair.

I have light skin and dark brown hair, I guess my labia is a little darker skin with dark brown hair.