After 1st treatment questions

I’ve had my first treatment 6 days ago with a Lyra machine. My treatments are being focused on my chin, sideburns, and cheek area. The laser treatment didn’t hurt too bad and my reaction was limited. The operator said to shave 2 days before my next treatment and to call her in 2 weeks. She wants to see how everything is going…

Here are my questions:

  1. I’ve yet to see any shedding of hair. Is the usual time for shedding around 2 weeks?

  2. Once I’ve shedded, should I expect to have a hairfree period of time (of the treated hairs)?

Thanks for any info.

1)6 days is still early


Well, it has now been 8 days and I am impatiently waiting for my hair to fall out!!!

I’ve been shaving every 2 days. Exactly how long are these hairs!!! I’ll keep you updated.

It took me at times up to a month for all the hair to shed.This was with the lightsheer.

What laser did you use ? Give it another week or 2.

The machine was a Lyra. However, I don’t know specifics. I’ll find out next treatment. The operator said she had it on the lowest setting, to see how I did.

Day 9 update: I had a few hairs shed. Nothing significant.

Day 11 and things are getting a little better. I am seeing that a few cheek hairs are easily pulled out (unattached). Hopefully, everyday will be better.

I have had 3 treatments with the lyra at the lowest setting and it takes 7-14 days for the hairs to shed

Well, today I had my second treatment with the Lyra Laserscope. This time the Doctor did the treatment,instead of the assistant. He was more thorough and and slower. He increased the joules from the lowest setting to 40 joules. This time my face was red, like a sunburn. However, I got over it in about an hour. My skin is still semi-sensitive.

I have a feeling that this setting did the trick and I will see more hair loss.

Til next time.

Well, it’s been a full week after my 2nd treatment. So far, I haven’t seen much of a difference with maybe a few hairs lost. I am giving more time, but now I am afraid this is virtually doing nothing.

For most who have had laser hair removal one week is not enought time for the hairs to shed. For me most fot he shedding happened in the second and third week after each treatment. A few (and I mean very few) of the hairs became tombstones and took well over 2 months to full pop out. So hang on a bit longer and hopefully you will find things progressing along with your expectations.

It has now been almost 3 weeks since my 2nd laser treatment (see above post). I haven’t seen any more shedding than from my 1st laser treatment. Maybe 5 hairs or so from each treatment. I am trying to hang on. Hopefully, the 3rd upcoming treatment will be better.