After 1 clearance shoulder and neck

This is the result after the first clearance performed by Josefa, the results is very good on the shoulders and the neck. we have done the second clearance 1 week ago.

Uploaded with before

Uploaded with before

Uploaded with

]( with 4 month after the first clearance

Uploaded with 4 month after the first clearance

Uploaded with 4 month after the first clearance


Nice work, as always … and pretty much standard results from electrolysis (I always wonder why people say “amazing?” There is nothing that I do … or Jossie for that matter … that is “amazing!”)

We all need to post our work … LOTS OF WORK … and probably “amazing” will become “yeah, that’s what you can expect from electrolysis!”

I’m doing a piece on photos that I’ll post later. However, at the moment I have a suggestion for all of us posting photos: reduce the size of your photos!

The photos posted above are (each) 43.5 inches (in width) and 2.6MB (each)! You can reduce your photo to 7 inches (width) and that will give you a photo less than 1MB in size. With standard screen resolution there will be no difference in what is seen here on the internet (Hairtell).

However, your photo will “load” WAY faster!

Actually, I like people linking to the full resolution photo as it allows you to see all the detail. What I would suggest though is using imageshack’s thumbnail/forum option to embed only a thumbnail in the post (allowing it to load quickly) and then readers can click on it to be taken to the full resolution image.

Thank you Michael, this is the link to the pictures with the original resolution:) Shoulder in high resolution after the first clearance back of the neck after 1 clearance in hd Shoulder after 1 clearance in hd Side of the neck after 1 clearance in hd Side of the neck before the first clearance in hh

I agree. Without good quality photos, you can not see details like these. This is the jessemetjess chest. In the first clearance made ​​last June, we removed a couple of black dots (one of them had formed a small cyst). Notice how the skin has improved dramatically in the photo “after”.



Back before electrolysis

Uploaded with

in high definition

Back 4 month after first clearance
Uploaded with

high definition