Afraid of Stubble


It seems that turning 30 came with chin and mustache hair!! At first, it didn’t really bother me, but now they’re long and look like whiskers and it’s totally bothering me and making me very self conscious in the sun.

I want to buy an epilator and start using it on my chin, upper lip and lower cheeks, but I’m so afraid of the hair coming back darker and thicker and making “stubble”.

Can anyone give me some pointers who uses an epilator for these areas?

Thanks so much!!

I would not use a rotary epilator on your facial hair.

Where are you located? We may be able to offer some recommendations for a skilled electrologist. If you start now before things take off, which it sounds as if this is what is happening now, then this will be less of a struggle for you. Don’t help stimulate facial hair by pulling out.

I always recommend electrolysis on facial areas. It plainly works. Cut through the crap and do this the right way. It will be less frustrating overall.


Thanks for your reply!

I live in Scarborough, Toronto…