Aesthetic Pulse Light (APL) Technology ?? Has any1 heard of it?

Good Evening Everyone,

Just a question. Has anyone heard of

Aesthetic Pulsed Light (APL) Technology

The company that provides this hair removal technique claim that it’s unique to the other lasers and IPL machines. Because not only does it attack the hair folical pigment, but also the feeder blood vessel. The company also said that it also stimulates the skin natural collagen and elastin production which make your skin even better after the treatments

im guessing that it’s just another type of IPL but i dont know for sure becuase the company refused to tell me the model of machine that they were using!

Does anyone heard of this technology, whether or not
what are your opinions.

My sister and i have appointments for saturday but i am very reluctant to go ahead with the treatment as i dont think it will actually kill the hair, i belive that it might just suppress it. (Although the doctor claims to have treated heap of people with out problems, which i also believe to be a lie as studies hae shown that there are alway a percentage of people who dont respond or suffer side effects etc.)

i am very confussed and dont know what to do
Please H E L P