Aesthetic Laser Concepts - San Francisco

Anybody have any experience with them? Prices seem very good, although the website doesn’t look overly professional. I just started my research for removing back/shoulder hair and I’d welcome any recommendations.

what laser do they use? what’s your skin and hair type? i dont know about this particular place, but this info helps in answering your questions

I’m white with fairly light skin (i can tan, but generally burn first) and dark hair. It’s dark brown on my head, but more blackish where I want removed. According to their website they use the Lumenis Lightsheer Diode Laser. One weird thing is that they charge by time, not by area. In San Francisco, it is $125 per 30 minute session.

you can treat a pretty large area in 30 minutes. bikini and underarms take about 5-10 minutes each for example and cost $75-200 per treatment. so, that’s a good price. LightSheer is a good laser for your skin and hair type.

I’m a male and I would be getting my back/shoulders done, so it would take a little bit more time. But at $250/hour, it still seems cheap. I think I’d might as well get a consultation and then report back then. I just wish it was easier to find out if a place was reputable or not <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

just judge baed on how they answers questions (since by reading this forum, you should know what the answers should be). plus, ask what settings they would be using, how long they’re been doing it etc.

I have had three treatments at the place you asked about. My recommendation is to do a consultation and then decide. Here’s a quick review:

1- Equipment: Lightsheeer XC
2- Approximate price for large areas: $400 full back (includes back, shoulders and a small part of your upper arms)
3- Nurses: Knowledgable and experienced
4- My Results: They are conservative with the laser settings so if you have a lot of hair that you want to get rid off, you need to push them to use higher settings. They used only 16 to 18 joules on me which I’m told will not produce permanent results. As far as I know they don’t sell any packages or make any guarantees about the results so if you don’t push them with using the higher power settings your money is going to be wasted.

on LightSheer, settings should be at least 25 joules, but more like 30-35.