I am in the Atlanta area, and trying to get some hair removed by laser. Anyone have a good location that is not extremly expensive?

I am thinking about making the 5 hour drive up to Advance Laser Clinic in North Carolina, but would rather avoid that is possoble. They seem to have the best price, and the 2 year guarantee after 5 sessions.

Also in speaking with them they use the LightSheer Diode Laser. They recommend pain gel for the treatment.

I spoke with someone locally who used the GentleAse Laser and they said that pain gel can effect how well the laser works, and did not recommend it. I am doing my back(around to front, butt, neck(front& back), hands, and feet. Some of those areas can be sensitive, and just a little worried about doing it all without being numb.

First any thoughts about a good, cheap company in atlanta?

Second any idea on if you need pain gel or not?

thanks for the help…

there’s a forum called “hair removal tips and local referrals” - have a look to see if there are any Atlanta places listed there

Dear Newbe: price should not be an issue when considering a medical treatment, and you have to remember that hair removal by laser is a medical treatment. Yes, it hurts, but this can be alleviated by topical anesthetic, which does not affect the treatment at all (that’s a new one on me!). You want to go on as many consultations as possible, and be sure your practitioner does this full time. Then you can better compare price and service, plus the skill level of the practitioner. Good luck with this, and keep posting. :wink: