Advice re: more or different laser treatment?

Hi…I just came across this forum and have a question. I’m a particularly hairy guy and have laser hair removal treatments on my underarms, groin/scrotum and legs. The results have been quite good except on my upper legs. I’ve had 6 treatments and while there has been a considerable decrease in the amount of hair, and much slower growth rate, I am debating whether to go back for more treatments at the same clinic (with the Aurora laser) or whether to go to another clinic with a different type of machine? I’m very happy with the service at the clinic but it’s quite expensive so I don’t want to spend more if I’m not going to get the results I desire, i.e. near complete hair removal. Any advice which would be better?

Upper legs seem to be a problem area for men. I had to have mine finished with electrolysis, though it was mostly on my inner thighs.

There’s really no way to predict whether more laser treatments will yield better results or not. The clinic I went to said that was all they could do, thus the electrolysis.