advice please!

I emailed a few laser hair clinics in my area (Toronto) and one of the clinics answered my question about the laser that they use. They told me that it’s “called LYRA with ND YAG technic which is for all types of skin”. I don’t know what that is, so any advice on that would be helpful!

Also, I need advice on what type of laser would be best for me, or whether I should just go for electrolysis.

I have a lot of fine hair on the sides of my face… not light in colour (only now because I have bleached it). It is very much like peach fuzz. There is a large amount of it as well, very concentrated in the area. I also have thicker hairs growing in the moustache area. I was interested in and overall hair removal of the entire face. What average cost of that should I expect, and how do I know when I am being charged too much. Should I be wary of places that would do the procedure at a low cost?

Also, what are the chances of scarring, and which laser would help me avoid this problem? I have fair skin.

Would I be a better candidate for electrolysis?

Thank you very much for your time and help! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

In short if the hairs are fine and you only have a few thicker ones then electrolysis would probably be your best bet. Laser realy works most effectively if you have lots of thick, darker coloured hairs.
Go get a few electrolysis consults in your area and also visit the professional electrolysis section on this message board. Searching through some of the older posts will help to inform you of what to expect and what results to look for.