Advice please

Basically I’m allergic to my own sweat. So I break into a rash usually when there is hair on my legs. I need something to last awhile, unlike shaving. I tried tweezing, but that takes awhile. Waxing won’t remove all my hairs. Sugaring is too expensive. Diplitory creams don’t work AT ALL. I’m asian and cucasian. My hair is thick and dark. Ugh…please give me advice. :frowning:

lilshoeprincess:It seems that the only solution to your problem is laser or electrolysis. I have never tried laser;but electrolysis worked well for me.It truly is a permanent solution. The only drawback is the cost.

barrester, What was your electroysis experience like? What modality did you have and how many times did one hair need to be treated? For me I am having slow progess on my arms but I’m hoping things will eventually improve. Thanks for sharing.

You might also consider a rotary epilator, lilshoeprincess.

Also a point–sugaring is NOT expensive if you’ve got some free time to figure it out. Nad’s is insanely expensive, and similar products from other companies are nearly so, but making it at home is relatively cheap. Not, however, particularly easy.

Now, it does take some initial investment–strips, which you can purchase pre-cut or do yourself, some kind of container to put it in, and a candy thermomter is a good thing. But other than that? Though I add more to mine, the only stuff you really need is sugar and lemon juice.

Which is not to say that this is the best thing for you, because you do have to let it grow back a certain amount before you can do it again. Since nobody seems to have suggested this yet… have you actually been to a dermatologist? There may be better solutions than just removing the hair constantly, like medication.