Advice Please, using 2 electrologist


Since learning from this board, I’ve decided to try two different electrologist to see who I would be more comfortable with. The problem is I haven’t decided yet and they both know each other from what I gather. I feel guilty using both of them. When one talks about the other I change the subject. Should I make my decision soon. Do you think they would discuss their clients with each other. What if they find out I’ll be embarassed but I’m only doing this because the first one didn’t have a clue and I want to see if I get better results with one of these ladies. The seond one has worked on my arms for 2 years so I tryed a third. Electro #2 works with me at what setting and modality I want because it was slow progress and I truely feel she wants to help. Electro #3 uses only thermolysis and says blend is way to high for my type of hair so I just don’t know yet. Should I feel wrong in doing this?


I think you are smart to “shop around”. It sounds as if you are having some large areas treated and it ends up being quite a financial investment. Why wouldn’t you check out several options, especially when you will be putting so much time, discomfort, and money into the whole process? It seems to me that your electrologists should respect the fact that you, as a paying consumer, are doing what you need to do to ultimately choose a long term treatment plan for yourself. Also, they shouldn’t be discussing personal details about their clients with eachother…if you ever find out that they have been doing that, then it just makes your decision easier - get rid of both of them because they’re conducting themselves in a very unprofessional manner.

Don’t feel “wrong” because you are having two different electros work on, from what I gather are two different areas of your body, without telling them…I think it makes perfect sense.


You have every right to shop around-- just make sure you are treating areas that are not next to each other so the comparison is easy to see. Choose a matching place, like hands, armpits, etc., and let each one do one.