Advice please, I'm a newbie

You must have heard this story a thousand times. I got taken for a ride by Global Electrolysis Supply. I found them online and thought “What a God-send?” only to discover that their laser worked with some black dye which you rub on after waxing the area. It burned my skin like hell then I returned it and they convinced me to get the Microlysis. This I tried for a few months, but the hair kept growing back. Now I sit with this equipment and when I called their number on their website, it tells me the number is no longer in service. I spend over a $1000 and this is a lot of money for me. Any advice as to my course of action?

I am a woman with facial hair and some body hair issues. I wax my upperlip, chin and tweeze my neck area to avoid my embarrasment at work. Waxing seems to make it grow more. I read somewhere that if you wax or tweeze the blood flow increases to the area then the hair grow denser. I have to do it though. When the laser/microlysis thing did not worked out I was so depressed and disappointed and I still am. Any advice on where I should start?


if your hair is dark dense and coarse, laser would be a good option if you have light skin as well. if you don’t have a lot of hair (under 50-100) and it is on the sparse and fine side, I would go for electrolysis. please read the FAQs on this forum (sticky post) to learn about laser and which way to go. if you decide that laser is still the best option for you after reading that, then come back and tell us your skin type and type of hair you have so we can recommend a particular type of laser and course of action.

Try to run a search for this company on here. some of the past customers have probably posted the company’s contact information etc. by the way, the whole dye method doesn’t work as a permanent solution. it was proven with the first “laser” machine Softlight after which this company was sued and went out of business.

It is really too bad that we fall for things like this. I certainly can see the lure as it is easy to get sucked in when you see these “god sends” for a problem that will allow us to deal with in the privacy of our own home.

For anyone else who might be considering this device. This device CANNOT get rid of hair, even in the slightest degree. If you wax or remove hair by the root before you treat it, there isn’t anything there to treat. I am a little leary about putting on a dye that supposedly penetrates down to the root. That doesn’t sound like a healthy thing to do. Secondly, if this dye is supposed to darken the root so that it can be treated, why not leave the dark hair there so the root can be treated.

Its too bad that so much money gets spent in attempts to do hair removal ourselves. That same amount of money (not to mention the excessive amount of time that these devices require) can be used at a legitimate clinic where we would see real results.

I am of Indian (Asian) descent with brown skin and black hair. Upperlip hair is fine, but other hair is coarse. If I go with laser which type should I search for. Can you tell me what exactly does the laser do? Is it permanent? Thanks

Please read this thread. It will answer all your questions about laser which should be good for the coarse hair only with a Yag laser for your skin type. Electrolysis is probably the best option for the upper lip.