Advice on timing to treatment

Hi there. I have very fair skin and very dark hair on my chin and neck. I have been shaving daily, but have never plucked. I have an appointment for my first treatment on May 10th, but I have a wedding to attend on May 20th. Is this enough time for the stuck hairs to grow out, or should I postpone until after the wedding?

Thanks for the help.

Hard to say hautegirl. Everyone is different. :roll_eyes: You could shed in 7 days or 3 weeks. The first treatment was the worst for me. It took atleast 2-3 weeks for the black hairs to all shed. But I have read on this board of people shedding in a few days. 10 days is kinda pushing it for your skin to be looking good, but it isn’t impossible. Some good makeup could help disquise almost anything.