Advice on Picking a place to get LHR - Please Read

I have had treatments in the past that didn’t work and am considering trying LHR again. I have been doing some research and here is some friendly advice. Pick a place who offers reduced retreats after so many treatments, usually 5 or 6. These retreats should not cost more than 1/3rd of an individual treatment, not a package treatment like the idiots at Ideal Image or a per pulse price. This MUST be stated in writing on the contract, not an oral promise. Go in for test treatments, do some research on the company, technician, laser they use, etc. and ask them for a copy of the contract even if they have to give you a blank void one. Ask them for some clinical information on similar type clients and if you can contact them or do they have at least some kind of evidence of success. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT OR EXCHANGE MONEY of any kind on your initial visit. Just get a blank void copy of their contract. Go home and look over the contract or in my case have a lawyer look over the contract, do some more research, and don’t rush into anything. If they won’t give you a copy of the contract, go somewhere else. The other thing to check is how long the company has been in business, how long the tech has been treating, and if the company looks stable. A contract is worthless if the company goes out of business. I have only found a couple places in my area that so far conform to my demands. I know I sound like I am going overboard, but if I would have done this in the first place, I would have saved thousands of dollars and lots of aggrevation. The final thing that I am working on now, which my lawyer friend brought up to me is what if the laser just doesn’t work for you, which it is proven that it doesn’t on all people. He also said that I should get in writing that the laser company will provide me copies of all clinical data on my treatments including pulse, joules, pictures, etc. He said this could be critical in the future and also helps on forums like this. Every laser company you talk to raves of their success, and although no company can or should guarantee results, they should have a clause giving full or at least pro-rated money back if LHR is a failure. Defining failure is the problem, and I am working on that. For example hair counts can be taken, and are at the better clinics. To me success would be at least 60% reduction that lasts at least in 3 month intervals following a certain number of treatments, maybe 8 to be fair. So if after my 8th treatment I am having more than 40% of an area coming back faster than 3 months, this clause would kick in. This seems reasonable to me, especially considering I am willing to go back for 4 treatments per yer and every laser company raves of success a lot higher than this. My lawyer friend agrees and by the way is not charging me a cent. I tell him it is pretty sad when you trust a lawyer more than a salon. I have talked to a head doctor of the clinic I am leaning towards, and he didn’t at all seem turned off by my concerns. He said the goal of his clinic is not to treat people at reduced rates, 25% of a single treatment there, because at 25% he could barely keep the doors open. I don’t know if this is true, but he said they had no problem with giving me copies all my records and that we could come to a written agreement on the definition of failure. He actually seemed concerned, which most don’t, after telling him of my past LHR failures and battle with body hair. I will keep you posted.