Advice on clinic - Bare Necessity, London, England

I’m looking into going for a test patch with both lightsheer and coolglide with this company but the About Us doesn’t quite fill me with confidence, is the following normal:

Who carries out the treatment?
All of our treatments are carried out by fully qualified Electrolygists who have also passed an in-house exam on laser hair removal and the Core Of Knowledge training which focuses on health and safety issues. All of our clinics are medically supervised by registered nurses and are accredited with a BTEC in laser hair removal.

Are those qualifications normal? Their pricing is quite competitive but I have the strangest feeling of reluctance!

Not that I - sadly - have much choice as their isn’t a lot of choice here in England for LHR!!!

forgot to note that another clinic, Body Smooth, operates with the lightsheer and coolglide also

but charge slightly more

£35 ($60) per 15 minutes

is that a fair price or a complete rip off (!)

The reason I don’t like places that work on a “time basis” is that they can easily waste time to make money :frowning:

Bare Necessity charges a flat-rate for a flat-out treatment.

I think I like the idea of that better but, as noted, I’m a little reluctant to venture there as they don’t seem to be full-on laser practioners…

Hi, did you fnd out anymore info on these companies, as im looking at using them too


Well, sadly, Bare Necessity was cheaper though this was the response I received:

First response to e-mail enquiring about LHR for back shoulders and arms: “it would be easier to talk about your condition, please give us your phone number”

My response - thanks for taking time out for me, here’s my phone number

7 days later


E-mail back to further my inital enquiry

Second e-mail: “My college [sic] already responded to you, please ring in.”

Really unprofessional don’t you think? Couldn’t be bothered to answer my inital questions over e-mail, ask my telephone number, not bother to ring it and then - on the second response - lie and ask ME to ring in (which I wouldn’t mind but I did say in my inital e-mail I preferred writing than speaking about LHR).

And also if they can’t spell colleague, then there’s no way I’m trusting them with a laser!


Body Smooth were nice enough to respond and say they would give me a detailed reply in the new year (as their clinic is shut for Xmas) but I’m still put off by their prices.

But I guess professionalism comes at a price–!

There are lots of choices in the UK and they are not all rip offs. Remember though that you will always get what you pay for. The cheaper clinics will do the job, but in order for them to keep the prices really low you will be on a conveyer belt.

Sometimes cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap. If you go on prices alone you could end up having your fingers burnt ( and a lot more!) The tech is 100 times more important than the location, type of laser, clinic - everything!

Do look at as suggested before. They have lots of suggestions for the UK and other consumers will give you the lowdown on UK clinics. I know this forum does not like them - for whatever reason - but I go there a lot and have NEVER been asked for money. Its just consumers talking. Hope that helps

Since sadly is not nearly as “busy” as the other hair removal forums, I go there too :frowning: though it’s quite obvious to spot the tradsters a mile off


yeah, i looked into other UK clinics and am considering laser care clinics under the advice of fleabag from this very forum!

bare necessity has been, in my experience, unprofessional

whilst body smooth is just a little too expensive for my liking

I had laser tx from Bare Necessity, they caused scarring and hyperpigmentation. They were very uncaring and unprofessional.

If you’re looking at Coolglide also try Boston Clinic in Bayswater, they’re pretty good but they could be better as well in terms of customer service. I have been getting laser there and have been fairly happy with results.