Advice needed


I have been doing a lot of reading over laser and electrolysis on this website, and I am left with murky findings. Perhaps some of the more experienced users can give me some advice.

I am a 24 y/o male, and would like have my beard hair removed. First off, I would prefer to be able to perform the treatment myself, I’m a college student with who is very familiar with skin structures and organic chemistry. My facial hair is medium thickness and black, my skin is light-medium and rarely burns.

From what I understand, electrolysis takes forever, and the machines are unreliable to some degree. Many seem to suggest thermo, but blend would seem to make better sense if you can hold a probe. It also seems that laser works, but only for removing a certain percentage, and the <$600 “professional” laser devices seem to be scams.

So first, I would like to know the best method for my situation.

Secondly, I have a girlfriend who constantly feels like she has too much body hair and facial hair. So I would like to be able to help her when I finish. Her hair is thin and black, and her skin is snow white. If there is a product that is better for both of us, I would appreciate the consideration.

Read around this section.

Use the search feature. Everything you want is right here. It seems you have an electrolysis buddy built in with your girlfriend. Sounds like you are in the perfect situation as long as you get something good to do the work. Of course, a competent professional is the best choice.