advice needed pls...

I’ve read all the (really helpful!) info on hair removal etc on and on this message board and I’ve decided that I think the most effective method to remove my upper lip hair would be electrolysis. What i need to know is…would it be likely to be effective? (my hair on my upper lip only shows because I shaved it a few times when i was about 12 and then let it grow because i was scared it would grow even thicker and even longer.)My hair is dark (blackish) and thin.

I would also like to ask if would be better to get it done at a Spa, hair salon or a hair removal clinic?

One more quesetion…I have quite sensitive dark skin,wud i be likely to get scarring or pitting.

and what type of electrolysis would u recomment to try for upper lip hair…?

Please feel comfortable to know that when you shaved the hair it did not change the hair at the root. It only seemed bigger and thicker because it was cut off and left a blunt end. The hair may become larger as time goes by due to hormonal stimulation. Try several of the electrologists in your area to decide which you like. Pay closed attention to the cleanliness of the office. The probe should be disposed of after each use. Tweezers should be sterilized. You should not feel any tweezing at all. I would limit my first treatment to 15 min on the upperlip which would be about 7 minutes per side spaced over the entire lip. Some electrologists give sample treatments of just a few hairs. Get as many treatments as possible. Other than a little redness there should be nothing else visible. After you find an electrologist that you like, continue to keep the treatments short to avoid overtreatment. Goodluck. Please let us know how you make out.

My average female client stops thinking about her upper lip hair in about 6 weeks. That’s because by then I get it before she sees it.

You will be very happy with your results should you find someone good and follow a good treatment schedule.