advice needed on epilators

Hi there,

I am a 16 year old boy, well male, and I am really hairy. I have had my back and bumb waxed, but it is painful and the waxist correctly informed me that she couldn’t do it exactly where I wanted becasue it could cause bruising.

I recently saw an advert for the emjoi gently gold caress and decided to do some research on it, with the results being mixed reviews.

I am despearte to get rid of my hair, and I am too scared to get a girlfriend becasue when she finds out, I am over, along with my reputation.

So with elipicators, will it have the same effect as shaving where it grows in all stubbly, and fast? Is it as painful as waxing (keeping in mind my hair is really thick), and will it have the saame effects as waxing where there are red spots for a bit, and after time, the hair grows in thinner? My target areas are my back and bumb and below my penis and the upper half of my legs - will I be able to use such a device for them myself or will I need someone else to do them for me? Finally, could you explain this holding the skin tight?

I thought my life relied on waxing, until I heard of epilators. I was excited at first, but after going on sitews like these I am really unsure. A response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, CMC

Rotary epilators are hard to use on your own back, especially the upper back. The rest of the areas can be done yourself.

They pull hairs out by the root, so it hurts like waxing. Some find it hurts more than waxing. The hair that grows back is like hair that’s been waxed, not stubbly like shaved hair.

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