Advice; Is my skin scarred/ overtreated?

Hi everyone,
New user here. I’ve looked through some of the photos in this forum regarding what post treatment skin looks like regarding electrolysis. I wanted some opinions on my own skin, as I am still a bit fearful and unsure as to whether my marks will eventually fade. I’ve been seeing my electrolysist for about 6 months now, once a week. The area I’m most concerned about is my upper lip- as it was pointed out the other day to me by a male- the red spotting still visible with makeup. I will get initial scabbing but it only last for a few days and subsides. The redness seems to linger…i don’t know if it’s hyperpigmentation. Prior to electrolysis i would pluck religiously one to two times per day.

Does this look like scarring or is it nothing to be concerned about? Any tips and advice are much appreciated.

Theres nothing in those photos that indicates scarring.

Are you having your full upper lip treated, as apart from the corners your skin looks perfect. When was your last treatment ? Does the skin heal fully within 2 weeks or are you still left with marking. As an electrologist I would be concerned about the marking if it was long lasting, have you had a chat to your practitioner? as adjustments can be made to reduce the reaction.

I’ve sometimes been called “the scab king” because I want to see post-treatment scabs on body hairs … but NOT on the face. When I (occasionally) do an upper lip … no scabs at all (or so tiny they are not noticed).

Looking at your photos I would say you will be just fine. I recommend going for treatment no more than once time every two-weeks, and not clearing it all off, until you get a nice thinning (which you probably already have). You are “hitting it” too hard.

Furthermore, if you have, “been seeing my electrolysist for about 6 months now, once a week,” you’re pretty much finished-up.

Question: how can anybody go every week for 6-months and still have hairs to be worked on? (Anatomically impossible.)

it takes me 9-12 months to clear a upper lip permanently.
I do see some skin reaction, and Michael is right you may be hitting it too hard ( or too shallow) . Skin reaction DOES NOT equal scarring. Even the hyperpigmentation visible will fade. I tend to keep upper lip treatments to 15 minutues or less.

The skin appears to be over treated, mixed in with some shallow insertions perhaps. You still have a lot of hairs to be treated along the lip line. My approach is different. I do work on upper lips for more than 30 minutes and all that hair would have been cleared away, except for the very middle. The middle would have been thinned.

Amount of time worked is not related to the marks you have . Those marks are related to accurate insertions with the proper amount of energy. Vision aid helps with proper insertions and seeing if the skin is looking angry. I can’t stress that enough. If one can’t see those small hairs, accurate insertions are not accomplished, thus, repeated insertions are made trying to release the hair. Alas, you get this kind of skin reaction and consumers don’t like it. It scares them. It will go away, with time as the skin renews itself.

Thank you for the replies. Sorry for the delay in response. I will try to answer all of the questions.

The only areas being treated as of right now are the areas with the red markings on my upper lip. I go once a week, every Friday or Saturday. The reason being, I wanted to speed up my sessions since I intend on enlisting. I know I won’t be able to rid of the hair for at least 3 months, and I wanted it gone sooner rather than later. The last thing I need is to be made fun of over it. Is once a week overkill?

I actually don’t know if the skin fully heals in 2 weeks…the scabbing disappears. I can say I feel as if some of the markings stay longer than 2 weeks. I will keep track this week. I’ve made mention of the marks to her, and she says it will take a few months from the time that I stop. The hair is thinning out though.

I have PCOS and as a result I have quite a few terminal hairs which I prefer her to focus on. In a 30 minute session I have her target dark hairs on my lip, stomach, face, side burns, chin, and toes. The vellus hairs don’t bother me as much, hence why you seem some on my lip.

I don’t want to accuse her of doing anything incorrectly because I actually really like her. I feel as if she goes out of her way for me. That plus, I wouldn’t really know what to say.

Thirty minutes for all those areas! I understand you want her to get the biggest hairs first, but I would find that frustrating to skip around and not clear any area. I like to clear and wait because you will see progress in the shortest time possible (9-18 months).

I’m glad you have a good relationship with her. She sounds very nice.

I know it sounds intense lol, but that was actually her suggestion. I only have a few in each area so she manages it well. How long do you wait after clearing an entire area?

Minimum 7 days, but if I cleared your toes, for example, I would wait 2-3 months to do another clearance.

If you wanted a clearance more often, I would do that, too.

You are not going to lose advantage waiting 2-3 months though.