Advice in NJ

I live in Northern NJ and hear that only Physicians can operate the hair removing laser devices in this great state. I would appreciate any advice forum members may have for me. I have very dense coarse dark hair covering most of my body, but I am most concerned about my back and shoulders. I really want to get rid of it for good. I feel very self-conscious about it and have not gone swimming in public for 5 years.

I have looked in the yellow pages and found dermatologists and plastic surgeons listed. When trying to do some internet background checks, nothing was found on these individuals.
Please help.
Thank you.


Thanks again.

Try Dr. Dibernardo.He uses the Lightsheer which is a good laser.

Start phoning them and asking questions. If you look under hair removal in the Yellow Pages, some dermatologists may advertise there that use laser hair removal.

Some laser manufacturers may provide referrals to. I know that Lumenis does. E-mail them and see if they can help. A list manufacturers can be found on Andrea’s site.


Thanks Anthonyyy.

I set up an appointment with Dr. DiBernardo for early March in Montclair. This was his first availability because of the physician work slow down in NJ and 2 weeks vacation. I reviewed his website and it was very informative. He also is an international instructor for the LightSheer laser system.