advice desperately needed


i havnt tried any of the electolysis at home treatments but im planning to get the “babyliss- electrolysis by patches” kit. my main worry is if there will be any after, or long-term effects in using this method as im under 18.

please help as im kind of worried & scared because i dont want any permanent mark or damage!



There won’t be any long term effects, including hair removal, heh.



Probe electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method. The FDA says that, and about 150 years work of field study “bares” that out.

If you insist on DIY-Electro, please get and read Mike Bono’s The Blend Method and get an electrolysis partner to trade work with. You would also do well to get a pro machine if you can to do the work on AFTER YOU READ THE BOOK!


Hi chico-- the patches are unproven and most likely completely bogus.