Advice: Continue Laser Treatment on Face?

So here’s my story:

About two years ago I was getting electrolysis on my face in America, but I moved to Korea and couldn’t find that anywhere. So, after a year and a half or so, I decided on laser hair removal. I’ve been to 3 sessions spaced ~ 10 weeks from each other (GentleMax on the alexandrite settings, ~15 J) for my bikini line, underarms, a patch on the neck, around my navel, sideburns, and upper lip.

Anyway, the past few weeks I started re-researching laser treatment, and I noticed LAgirl’s comment about possible induced growth. Further research uncovered some disgruntled forum posters and an article (, and now I am worried sick that I may have induced more growth on my face and neck.

I usually research my stuff really well before I do something, and I am seriously kicking myself that I didn’t this time. (Perhaps the technician tried to tell me not to do my face because he did mention that the hair was thinner than what was best, but I don’t know, lol. His clinic is reputable with both Korean and English speakers, and he speaks English well enough, but you would be amazed at what gets lost in translation anyway.)

The question is, do I continue with the recommended 3 or so more treatments on my face and take my chances since I already might have stimulated growth with my previous 3 treatments, or do I cease treatments on my face and wait a few months to see what the damage is? What would you guys do if you were in my shoes?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Sanjilly,

There are others who are more knowledgable about your particular question of whether you have/haven’t stimulated further hair growth.

I would personally try not to worry about it, and stop the laser on my face and look into seeing a few electrologists for consults to get any regrowth treated whilst it is still in the growing phase. That way you are getting the best treatment possible for more permanent hair removal whilst taking advantage of the result of laser treatment you have already had.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the advice!

About the electrolysis: I’m currently asking my doc about places to do it and searching in Korean. (There seem to be no English speaking places around here that offer it.) Hopefully I can find something!

You would know if you have induced growth since you’re waiting 10 weeks. What do YOU think? Do you see any?

Laser doesn’t work on fine hair. I would stop treating your face and neck and any other areas that have that. Don’t waste the money in addition to avoiding induced growth.

What spot size and pulse width are they using with 15J? Joules alone don’t tell us much about settings.

What skin type are you?

There is no “recommended” number of treatments. Most people need 6-8, but all depends on how coarse the hair is and how good the treatments are in the first place. You should be seeing all treated hair shed within 3 weeks of each treatment. So, it’s not just about going in to get zapped every few weeks.