Advice before my next IPL treatment

Hello all, I have had my go at ipl on my back, shoulders and back of neck, on the 20th of October. I asked her many questions but still not sure. I am a pretty hairy individual and my treatments will take many imo so cost and effectiveness is important. Just as a test I plucked some of the hair and noticed there wasn’t a follicle on the end of the hair and they came out very easy, most were like this and some looked normal and harder to pull out.

My hair type to her was 3, I have darker hair on the exposed skin to the sun but most of my body is quite white.

The name of the machine is Magic Skin Superior IPL treatment HS-300C, she used a gel. I done some research on it and it costs more than 20grand but you guys probably know best.
Here is the machine on their website, she told me the name Magic Skin but I find it odd there is no name like that on the back of the machine :\
Skintype 3
Energy 30 joules
My next session is on the 1st of December at

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Is this pattern normal or just missed hair?
My shoulder
The Machine

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Im not familiar with this machine, but my experiences with IPL is not good at all. At least she writes on her webpage that it is permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal (which IPL can’t achieve).
What kind of results does she promice?

Very interesting hair pattern. Im interested to read what the electrologists and more experienced members will respond.

I had a similar pattern on my chest from a lightsheer treatment. Im afraid it’s missed lines of hair. In otherwords areas that werent zapped.

Im not. They are selling their competing product / service, and anything they do say has to be read in that context. Why do we get no laser operators in the LASER forum and why are electrologists constantly posting here?

But if I were you Huss, Id look into Gentlelase. It seems effective to me and much easier for the operator to treat an area without missing any. My third session is about due.

Electrologist’s actually know about hair, hair growth and what it takes to kill a follicle. I am very interested in what they have to say when they look at follicles that have previously been treated by Laser as they actually have some insight.

Laser operator’s are just that… they just operate the machine. I’ve had many discussions with many techs over the years and not one really understands hair growth… just hand waving ideas.

Huss - the pattern on your back is consistent with the missed patches you get when there is a lack of overlapping. What kind of hand piece does the machine have? Laser’s have a spot and it’s typical for the tech to draw a grid on the area to be treated, treating one box at a time to ensure proper overlapping.
From your pattern, I’m going to take a guess and say the handpiece was rectangular in shape? Only the areas where the hair has shed (the clear areas) were treated. The rest is normal growing hair as after shaving. Try and get them to give you a free touch up treatment to clear these missed patches.

Yeah I should go to the place and get a check up I will get more info regarding the spot size. About the machine do you guys know it?

Im not. They are selling their competing product / service, and anything they do say has to be read in that context. Why do we get no laser operators in the LASER forum and why are electrologists constantly posting here?[/quote]

We don’t have to sell or compete, Sheff. We know the phone will ring when laser reduction’s diminishing returns click in and the hair consumer realizes that all they have left is electrolysis.

Any laser specialist who would like to donate their time here answering questions or making comments, would be most appreciated. Chris, from Romeo and Juliette’s is great, but he is a very busy person and checks in when he can. We appreciate what he offers here. Any laser specialist can contribute and I for one would be glad for their participation.

Is it common practice to get a free touch up on missed areas even if the area is large like mine?

Huss - sorry, I don’t know anything about IPL’s.

Typically, a good clinic would never miss this much hair. It would have to be a very attentive tech to ensure perfect overlapping so no single hair is missed and usually if it’s less than 10% missed, the client isn’t too bothered and neither is the clinic. Other clinics know they miss patches and have a policy that they will do free touch ups at week 3 post treatment. And other clinics have no policy but then it’s up to you to argue that it’s clear that they missed a lot of areas and they should go over them again.

This happened with my sister. We were trying new clinic for her first leg treatment. She was fairly sure the tech was rushing during the treatment and sure enough, after shedding had completed there were huge areas that had been missed. We told them that this was unacceptable and they did the treatment again.

Okay thanks I will talk to them. Regarding the hair once it is easy to pluck out post treatment and has no follicle does that mean it was worked on that hair successfully?

The thing on the end of the hair is not a follicle. The hair follicle is the “thing” that contains the hair and the hair grows out of and it is the cells of the follicle that permanent hair removal aims to kill.

What you are experiencing is hair shedding. It means the treatment energies have been high enough to cause this but whether irreversible damage has been caused to the hair follicle is unknown. The only way to know is when you stop treatments and wait.

Hey guys just a little update I am thinking of leaving this particular place for somewhere else with Candela; gentleYAG and gentleLASE lasers = $332 for back & shoulders