advice before first intensive session

Ive got my first intensive, out of town electro treatment tomorrow and I must admit i am nervous. I would rather do this in gentle small increments but I do not have that luxury as I am must get my electro done in another city. I am here for approx. ten days so I can make sessions but she suggested two 1 hour sessions for my fairly light sideburn area.
I dont have enough time to research and so I am asking your help & advice ! What is the best thing i can do to prepare for pre and post treatment care.

I also wonder if I should ask to clear a patch rather than spreading the area out as she had suggested so that we know where it has been done next time i am back in a couple months?
She has never done this sort of thing and I wonder about following more the style Josefa mentioned with her out of towner s where there is extensive clearing done each time with the months between ,although that does make me nervous as my skin is sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation and also i have never been with this practitioner other than a consult. She uses the Sequentium VMC which i understand is a good machine.
Does something like lavender or lavender shea help with inflammation afterward. Can i put healing type oils on my dry skin by the next day or do you just have to stick to aloe only and keep it free of oil.
Anything advice you can offer would really help to calm my nerves and help me feel prepared to give my face over to the process! MAny thanks for being SUPER HELPFUL here !

Clearing vs spreading it out - depends on the density and the skin reaction.

Have you ever taken benadryl? I’m not stating or implying that you should take it, but…some electrolysis consumers take it, and by following manufacturer’s directions, benadryl can help reduce swelling and can make you drowsy (reducing anxiety). It is VERY IMPORTANT that if taken, the manufacturer’s directions be followed.

Have you had treatments with this electrologist in the past?

Ive had some electrolysis on my eyebrows but nothing like this as it would only be short sessions with much time between . Are sideburns more prone to swelling or pain? How much ahead should i take the benadryl. Are there any contraindications for electro and benadryl?. I can pick some up tomorrow before my appointment and read directions. I will be close to the where i am staying so it should be fine for getting home. I also bought honey which is so soothing to skin and also arnica…thanks for replying Barbara

I have my sideburns done every time I go… the swelling there (on me) seems to be much less than any other place on my face. It’s also easily hidden because of my hair :slight_smile:

thanks Just somegirl…what do you use after for best care. If the skin feels dry can you use coco oil or honey. I know both are considered antiseptic . Not sure if cremes or oils are ok though. She gave me a teatree lotion but thought i read somewhere here to avoid all lotions for 2 days…

You should take it at least 30 minutes before your appointment, with plenty of water. In my personal experience, there is no problem having electrolysis after taking Benadryl / diphenhydramine.

thanks Caith too late the appointment has come and gone …but perhaps i will consider for the next time…does it really help reduce swelling. I can handle pain i just want to do what is best for the recuperation of my skin. I will take it if it helps and tolerate the pain if that helps!

Hi Danika,
She told me to start using sea-breeze, I had always used witch hazel before that and now I just alternate between the two. I never thought to use coco oil or honey afterwards though, I might have to give that a try!