Advice and Referral for Phoenix


I am a 24 year old male looking to find a highly ranked provider of Laser Treatment in the Phoenix Arizona Area. I am looking for back removal and chest reduction. I am curious about prices and which laser to look for…

Any help would be great…


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To determine which laser is going to work the best for you is going to depend on your skin type and the color of your hair. If you have fair skin darker hair, then the Lightsheer Diode laser or the Apogee Alexandrite laser would probably be good choices.

Some people who have darker complexions will also undergo treatment with Lightsheer or the ND YAG laser. If your complexion is darker and you undergo treatment with Lightsheer, its important to find a careful practitioner who won’t cook you. ND YAG is supposed to be safer for those who have darker skin, but it is not considered to be as effective for permanent reduction.

Prices vary by market and are also determined by what areas you want treated. Andrea has listed a number of hair removal directories on her site

I found my practioner at one of the directories listed there

Call around and compare pricing.