Advertising on this Forum?

Andrea, I was wondering if anyone can advertise on this Forum? I notice that people like Gino Fior include their business website as a place to go for information. Does an advertiser have to meet with your approval, or can so called “quacks” and “quack” products be advertised here too?

Good question, redhead.

I have been doing very light moderation here, and I have no problem with people promoting their own businesses or commenting on methods (pro or con), as long as they provide references when the information is not commonly known.

Along with many other distinguished posters, Fino is very enthusiastic and opinionated (as I am ), and we don’t always agree. However, I value his commentary as much as the other manufacturers, consumers, and practitioners.

Sites like this are almost the only places where you’ll find the downside of electrolysis, laser, etc. discussed. That information is needed so consumers can make batter decisions.

On a final note, I very much want to maintain the tone of respect we’ve been able to keep here, and I thank everyone who has made this possible by disagreeing, but laying out the facts when they do.

Thank you for your reply, and I think I understand. I’m assuming that if people have a right to promote themselves on this forum, I am within my rights to criticize their efforts. I can be critical, yes?. Gino claims in a post that laser treatments have been shown to cause hair growth 5 years down the road and that one should "Go to the site: for further information… " This website contains information that in the real world is called ADVERTISING. On this website he misrepresents current laser costs and shows laser to be ineffective based on complaints by patients he is currently treating. If this was a scientific study it might be called “100% of dissatisfied laser customers find laser to be unsatisfactory”!
As for his claims about his own prowess, well I have no personal experience, but I have yet to hear anyone (even those who are happy with electrology) state that their treatments have been as cheap and quick and comfortable as this guy is asserting. That’s all I have to say for now, and I hope this is respectful enough.

Yes, redhead, you should feel free to point out that is Fino’s commercial site, and that he promotes the method he uses there. Fino is very adept at promoting his method and his practice, and it can be at times a little overexuberant. He also makes many claims about laser and occasionally drops names without providing published references or specifics.

As I can attest, anyone who takes an active role in fighting hair removal fraud is doing a pretty thankless job. Fino has been one of the great crusaders for consumers in this field, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his work against electric tweezers. But that does not mean he is above criticism. Either am I, for that matter.

In fact, I’ve learned you can tell a lot about people in this industry when you ask them to back up their claims and statements with data that can be verified by a third party. It becomes apparent quickly who is full of it (cough, cough, Kitty, cough) and who knows what they are talking about.

Hi Andrea… I was first to blow the whistle on the SUPPOSEDLY truthful and independent ElectrolysisInformation reference on the FUSION BOARD. Fino OFFERED to supply free information “WHEN HE HAD THE TIME” IF the question was sent DIRECTLY to his URL. I caught this when it ocurred to me someone had to pay for this web site and the ONLY his name was posted. When I posted this on the board the site ceased operation.

Anyone could ask questions, however, the answers were always referred to his company’s web site and few of them got a full answer. He posts photographs of a patient treated at his office pre, during and post treatment. If you study the pictures carefully there are SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES IN THE ANATOMY OF THE PATIENT in the pictures. One is a well developed young male and another has more flesh in the area of the breasts. Someone spoke to him about this and Fino said it was 2 different patients. If you look at the hypopigmentation on the pictures it is more obvious that this does not look like what we see during poor electrolysis. It tends to resemble “RETOUCHED PHOTOS”. In my opinion these are FAKED PHOTOS. I have retouched pictures of my wife to remove brown spots on her face and I could do a much better job than is seen on Fino’s photos. It will be interesting to see if he changes the photos now that he seems to be a purveyor of FALSE information.

Harvey, I don’t want this board to devolve into the sort of finger-pointing between practitioners that’s been going on for decades. If you have concerns about a site put up by a colleague or competitor, please put that information up with details on a separate site, and we will include links to it here.

The focus here is on consumers, and I very much welcome the input from experienced professionals like yourself. I also know we will have disagreements on occasion here. Your claims about laser effects and about Fino’s integrity are serious charges that I would expect to see explained fully elsewhere and linked here. Unless you explain this matter in full detail in a document with all your evidence, I regard these claims as spurious at best.